Organized Confusion-Ten Characters of Great Team

These are ten characters that will make up a good team if you are a manager or boss. Because of the differences that they bring to the table, they balance each other out in the big scheme of things. With a group of this demeanor managing because easy because they will manage them selves and hold each other accountable within the group.

1. Hannibal Smith-Old School Leader

This usually person that has been around and knows the system. They have the capability to lead but does not want the stress of leadership. They have all the information needed to be successful because they “have been there done that.” They have the mechanics to manipulate the whole team because the team trust them.

2. Jean Grey-Powerful Intellect

This is probably the most powerful person on your team but has  the potential to be the most dangerous. This person at anytime can cause major chaos amongst a team. They study the dynamics of situations and have an intellectual prowess about them that is unparalleled on the team. They will speak out about injustices and stand with the powerless but they are usually extremely loyal to the Hannibal Smith characters.

3. The Un-Certified Brown Noser

This the person that has brown noser tendencies but is not a full-fledged brown noser. They tend to perform at a high level but show an uncanny ability to pacify the boss. They are level individual to the boss and as well as co-workers. They tend to be your number makers through their abilities but they come across as the favorite of the boss.

4. The Consummate Professional

This is a person who is always thorough in their presentation. They are courteous and professional at all times while understanding the value of the customer. They are leaders but do not get the same respect because they do not produce from a numbers standpoint.

5. A Con Man

This is the person who will do whatever it will take to be successful. This is the person that will stretch the perimeters of the team. They will bring new ideas that will be perfected by the Jean Grey character. this person is all about numbers and self but humble enough to be accountable to the other members of the team.

6.The Rule Guy

This is the guy who provides the answers to questions about the system. They will comb the guidelines and manuals to make sure that procedures are being followed by workers and supervision. This person will often spare intellectually with the Jean Grey character.

7. The Necessary Evil

This is the person that everyone seems to have a personal problem with for one reason or another. Either they are extremely rude at time or just plain inconsiderate. They’re good at what they do and very knowledgeable but they just have interpersonal issues. The person will nonetheless go to bat for you when needed because they understand the big picture-it is a team effort.

8. The Average Joe

This is the common person that understand hard work. They come to work on time and work hard. They do not cause any trouble just does a good job and goes home.

9.The Sex Symbol

You need the pretty face, well dressed person around to add style. Some times presentation will open a door for information to be given and this person brings that to the table.

10. The Creative Tech Person

This is the person that will handle the cyber world and bring a level of creativeness to media communications. They are a needed asset in the concept of team in the 21st century with the global economy.

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