Theological Thoughts…

Theology has proven itself to be systematic, linear, racist, one-sided and sexist in many categories. Any attempt to introduce an abstract presentation is abruptly meet with resistance from the Reformed World. In many cases to adopt a particular theological stance means that you must divorce yourself from another as minor contradiction will definitely become highlighted argumentative points. This type of dogmatism is a necessary evil in the minds of many as religious piety is substituted for spiritual discipline.  

Theology carved from such a vein lends itself to branding more than providing the community with organizational change. Theology developed in a box with intellectual droppings only serves for good debate but has no practical application is useless. There must be a cultural connection that expands the humanity of all but embraces an ethic of truth. Theology that pursues justice but never denigrates those who sit upon the seat of injustice. A progressive theological approach that is ignited by a prophetic perspective to catalyze change.


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