Recommended Reading


Books that I consider sacred texts…

  1. Fire Next Time – James Baldwin
  2. Mbongi: An African Traditional Political Institution- K. Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau, Ph.D
  3. Sister Outsider- Audre Lorde
  4. Notes of a Native Son- James Baldwin
  5. God of the Oppressed- James Cone
  6. Pedagogy of the Oppressed- Paulo Freire
  7. Jesus and the Disinherited- Howard Thurman

Books Currently Reading

Let’s just say a lot…

Books I Just Finished Reading…

  • Biblical Interpretation: Then and Now- David Dockery
  • Darkwater: Voices Within the Veil- W.E.B. Du Bois
  • Symbols of the Sacred- Louis Dupre’
  • Natural Symbols- Mary Douglas
  • Brain, Symbol and Experience: Toward a Neurophenomenology of Human Consciousness- Charles Laughlin, John McManus and Eugene G. d’Aquili
  • I Am Not Your Negro- James Baldwin and Raoul Peck

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