Thinking about Worship…

I had an interesting conversation with a brother today about worship. The excitement and vitality in his voice was one of sheer joy as we spoke. I concluded that worship allows us to transform levels of brokenness into ointments of peace. It provides us with a tranquility of spirit that empowers us to proclaim in the face of uncertainty.


It is in the place of worship that we begin to see the love of God softly chiseling at the steel barrier of our soul. He fashions us in sheer love for task that are laced with hate. It is through worship where we find that God has been on our side from the beginning.

Worship is the unexplainable dialogue that makes things clear.  

Worship is the unfathomable love being poured upon the unlovable.

Worship is God performing at his highest to a people who serve him at their lowest.

When I imagine worship, I think about the focus that God must have on us to display such beauty. Worship is an intense session with God where you come out changed through his relentless showering of his presence of love.

2 thoughts on “Thinking about Worship…

  1. Brian,
    I have literally read this like 3 times in 5 minutes! This is so eloquently put! I’m going to print and hang this in my home if you don’t mind 🙂 I experienced this kind of worship Sunday morning and it was exactly what you stated here….I could not have put it in better words.

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