Created Failure

Perfection is an oddly, strange presentation and, oftentimes, unbelievable. Though we claim we want perfection, but if we ever experienced it ,our first response would be there is something deceptive happening here –it is to good to be true. Maybe what we are really striving toward is what Ashon Crawley describes as this “created failure,” or this way of imagining that which re-imagines even the imagined. Even reality has spaces that function in pedestrian sense yet never capture the essence of the culture. The focus is always how do we pose the right thing at the right time, to produce. It rarely is about a simple vibe that may not produce for years. 

What I have notice over the past few years of viewing social media is that most people posting for things to go viral find that their post fall flat on their face. Because the things that most often go viral are the things that are actual failures. And from those failures or miscues people began to see brilliance within the re-imagining of those failures. It is Dizzy Gillespie damaging his horn and the bell being turned up. He never fixes the horn but continues to play because he liked the sound. Once others heard and viewed this created failure within this trumpet, music companies started manufacturing horns with this defect.

Perfection is an illusion that misinforms the creative spirit into conforming into a mechanism focused on production rather liberation.     


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