The Vulnerability in a Space Called Pastor

Pastoring is a revolutionary act of service  that has the potential to send one to the ultimate edge of sacrifice. The space known as the pastor where relinquishment of self is priority. (when done for proper motive) The pastor’s entire existence is based upon re-presenting the totality of someone else. The weekly wrestle with the conformity of being like someone else takes precedent in their lives. The blessing of a burden gives them the  motivation to go through another day.

The pastor has to be reserved enough for levels of privacy but candid enough for implied empathy. It is the constant juxtaposition that leads pastors to prayer. Prayer that removes the exteriors of selfishness  and leads them to hardcore vulnerability. It is the very space of  vulnerability where the negotiation of heart and head battle out their differences. The place where many pastors make every effort to resist without realizing it is the place they will inevitably encounter.


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