Disjointed Imago Dei (Image of God)- Reflection Part 2

It is quite possible that the sovereignty of God has an element of cruelty attached if I had to analyze it from my personal perspective. Yes all things to work for my good but the road to that good is sometimes too heavy a price to pay-so we would assume.

It is with this type of regard that many of us enter into the body of Christ, hoping to have God reconstruct our perspective. We presume that connection brings with it amnesia. Our connection with God is not subject or predicated on our forgetting of the past but subjugated to his forgiveness of our past. What God brings to the table is more valuable than what we bring to the table, so it appears he would have more to lose. Herein lies the dynamic of the situation…he brought you to the table. The fact that he allowed us at the table speaks volumes to his perspective of us-his people.

If we could learn to see ourselves like he sees us our worldviews would be transformed completely. It is Karl Barth who denotes, “Man is not created to be the image of God…he is created in correspondence with the image of God.” There is much in that statement to agree and disagree with but Barth highlights the essential need for connection and communication with God. Through the relational capital with God we begin to take notice of others slightly different. The reason is that begin to see others through the eyes of God rather than through our own. We also begin to re-image ourselves in our own reflection because we have started the process of “putting on Christ.”

The chisel in the hand of a master artist is a slow process that may appear to be trash but as time elapse the wood begins to form into a masterpiece.

Do I reflect the image of God?

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