Songs of Protest

21 After threatening them again, they let them go, finding no way to punish them because of the people, for all of them praised God for what had happened. 22 For the man on whom this sign of healing had been performed was more than forty years old. (Acts 4:21-22)

Peter and John on their way to the temple encounter a lame man and, ultimately, become conduits for healing. This man whom many had passed by numerous of times, on their way to whatever pressing “Godly matters” is now in the presence of two concerned brothers. Peter and John dapped the brother up and encouraged him to “rise up and walk” in the name of that Black Messiah from Nazareth.

Because they had invoked the name of the Black Messiah, Jesus, and stood against the status quo they were unjustly arrested. Their legal protest for free health care got them placed in jail and brought before the corrupt and misinformed rulers. These corrupt rulers did everything in their power to get them to concede and change their talking points. Recognizing that these men had definitely been with the Black Messiah, the rulers made all matter of threats, but, eventually, yielded because the people’s praises were of such a rebellious vibe, it disrupted their desired intentions. These were not just praises of euphoric emotions, these songs of protest appeared to have activated strategies for change. The scripture denotes that the rulers “finding no way to punish them, because of the people, for all were praising.” The songs of protest were such a disruption of resistance that all plans were averted.

This is what a new church looks like in my heart…

How does a church that loves God look? (at least for me)

…a place where God is___
…a revolutionary church that unpacks your soul,
…a place where radical love is the challenge of the day…everyday
…a fellowship where authenticity and diversity merge
…prayer becomes the weaponry of a submitted people
…folks have an unmitigated joy in serving Christ
…where worship is embodied and not performed
…where giving is purposed and unbridled
…intellect, humbleness and care interpenetrate to produce a transformative ego-people who make a difference in the community through service
…a place where broken people, love broken people, who help to mend broken people-a functional love

Producing an emblematic love for God where my heart designs….