Five Great Men Who Changed My Life

I wrote this in 2011 and these men still have my utmost attention when they speak.

These five men have said something in my life that changed a direction for me…

1)My Pops, Talmadge Foulks- He gave me a real example of what hard work looks like…He set a standard that I can’t come close to for being a man…my hero…Famous words to me,” If you are going to do something do it because you want to not because you were following someone.”

2) Dr. William Gunn- He showed me it was alright to be intelligent and settled for nothing less than my best…Famous words to me, “They say if you put it in a book that you young black males will never learn it.”

3) My Uncle Duane Everett- outside of my parents was one of my biggest fans during my athletics years but also challenged me to be even better in the classroom….Famous words to me, “If you ever decide to use your mind, you will be dangerous.”

4) James “Everett” Tillman- My cousin but we grew up like brothers. One of the few people in the world, if not the only person that I will not question if he tells me something. The smartest person I know and the person whom I try my best to emulate because he is a fantastic dude….still to this day he gives me the best guidance…famous words to me…”Finish strong…”

5) Allen Love- Man we grew up together from young boys, through college, through craziness to manhood. Hands down one of the most intelligent cats I know. While I was in college, the brother practically feed me every day and never said a word or asked for it back. Always encouraged me to stay in school regardless of  what was happening. Famous words to me, “If that is what you want to do then you need to go and get trained through a school.”