Cosmic Slop- How a Mother Loves Her Children

You can’t tell from this video but this song details a serious message about a mother catching hell raising 5 children on her own. She becomes a prostitute to make ends meet for her children and constantly wrestles with the decision. She is calling on the Lord on a daily basis but the devil consistently shows up asking her to dance the “cosmic slop.” The cosmic slop refers to how the mother is re-imagining prostitution as a means rather than a sin. George Clinton and Bernie Worrell combining of the cosmic and slop avails itself to unending ethics of speed, space and morality

Peep the second verse and chorus:
She was well known through the ghetto
Tricks would come and then they’d go
The neighbors would talk and call her Jezebel
But always with a smile, she was sure to try to hide
The fact from us that she was catching hell, hey!
Hear my mother call
I can hear my mother call
Late at night I hear her call
Oh lord, lord I hear her call
She says, “Father, father it’s for the kids
Any and every thing I did
Please, please don’t judge me too strong
Lord knows I meant no wrong
Then the devil sang
“Would you like to dance with me? We’re doin’ the cosmic slop”