Sunday Morning Inspiration for Pastors

I used to hear the old black preachers in my earliest years expatiate loftily and soar to magnificent heights of eloquence on this very notion. They would say in their picturesque way, their great voices now rolling like thunder, now whispering like the sighing of the wind in the trees: “God might have found so many other ways to spread the Gospel of the love of God. He might have written His love on the leaves of the trees and blowing winds would have sent news of deliverance and redemption far and wide. God might have written His love in the skies and in the rising of the sun so that men looking upward could have read the message, ‘God so loved the world.’ He might have made the ocean sing His love and nightingales to chant it. Neither of these, not even angels, could ever preach and say, however, ‘I have been redeemed.’ So this is a Gospel for sinners saved by Grace and only saved sinners can preach.-  Dr. Gardner C. Taylor

Living Behind the Prepared Moment

Every time I write something my goal is that it unsettles the reader to make a change or causes them to think. I also write with the hope that this piece will be the one that opens the door for me to do my work. Yes, I love to help people and writing gives me the opportunity to think through troubling issues. But, I also write every post expecting that the words will become a catalyst for me to make new moves.

I am sure that many of you feel the same way but in different arenas. You have been writing, singing, studying and a myriad of other things for years. Always expecting that today will be the moment that God opens up the door for you to move in the space that you feel you were created to thrive. You have sacrificed and stayed up late nights to prepare yourself for moments that never seem to come.

You see your friends getting the very opportunities that you know you can do (just as well , if not better) but for some reason you never get the chance. You enjoy their success and celebrate with them but in the back your mind you still wonder-God when is my chance. You never stop preparing or doing the work but it has to play second to the realness of accountability- you have children that need to eat, a spouse that is looking for you to uphold your side of the financial weight, bill that have to be paid. You actually see work as a distraction from the essence of what you feel God has called you too. You thus manufacture moments that have similarities to God’s promises but does not have the staying power of his ordained issued promises.

This is when you realize you are are stuck behind the prepared moment.

This is the moment when faith becomes real instead of a theological construct. This is the time when God has your attention instead of the work having your attention. You have been doing what you know to fulfill the drive and passion that lies within you but you envisioned so much more than what is manifesting. Here is when you keep doing the work and keep being an example of the grace of God whether you feel it or not.

The “prepared moment” is a kairotic moment that is levied on the purpose of God. You must understand that you do not have the vantage point that God does which gives him the a much better perspective than you do.

I declare that it is not an easy journey but it is a necessary as we trek through the landmines of life. When the journey is complete and we look back on the times when were stuck behind the prepared moment we will quickly say, “I wish I had more time”

So I leave you with 4 things:

  • embrace the the process
  • continue doing the work
  • finish strong
  • stay ready

I am stuck behind a prepared moment…