A riot is the [voice] language of the unheard. Why would King make such a flaming statement? It is a statement laced with truth yet sacrificing itself on the alter of critique. Often truth can be so enlightening that awakes the very darkness that lies dormant within us. We all have had moments when our voices have been silenced for one reason or another. Sometimes causing us to restructure our very essence in order to live peaceably within our everyday space. 


Being unheard moves one to silence in a way that “feels un-natural.” I am not speaking of natural in a sense of nature but in a sense of undoing. When you have been silenced because you feel like you are unheard it starts an explosion that is going to erupt or irrupt. 


It feels like stress but it is an un-doing. What is being produced is the skill to hear and see more because now you are forced into the posture as the watcher. Speech is secondary within this skillset but seeing and hearing becomes the optimum resources. When you are not use to being silent it appears to manifest as stress. Yet it is not stress, it is just an unfamiliar space. Being unheard, or, in similar fashion, being ignored, makes one feel as if they have been silenced. This silence or un-doing awakens the body because other senses are forced to sharpen their appeal.

SILENCE is slow.

A riot is the [voice] language of the unheard and a riot happens with excessive speed. If you do not control the outcome of the silence it will lead to a riot. Once that riot jumps off the outcome may have catastrophic outcomes. It is too late to try to tame the riot after it has started.   

silence is slow 

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