Celebrating 28 Days of Black Authors #Day10

bell hooks, all about love: new vision

Any time someone has the courage to write about love I find in it a difficulty that is unexplainable to comprehend.  Not because they are incapable of explaining their point but I just find that love is a tricky walk down a road with a revolutionary outcome that is often presented too abstract. But bell hooks does not present love in such a fashion in this text. She brings it raw and uncut, but with a level of texture that makes one feels as if they need to reassess their own ways of loving.

There are moments in the book where she has me questioning whether I even “love” my own wife because of her redefining of the contours of love. She has this place where she identifies that love is not just about attending to the needs of a love one but it is actually a specifying into the desired care of that person—speaking to their soul. This intended reshaping is a hard pill to swallow when one figures to, merely, show love through deeds rather than embracing the concrete forms of love in enfleshed tones of affirmation and appreciation.

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