Freedom is a Fight

Freedom is a fight. What we saw yesterday was not an anomaly but the culmination of a myriad of attempts to normalize white supremacy within the contemporary. Black folks have seen this play before; we have seen the handwriting on the walls. We saw how police escorted folks down the stairs politely and took selfies with no sense of fear. We saw how unprepared the security details were though they had the information of the preemptive protest that were burgeoning.

So, don’t try to snow us with the bullshit that this was not treated any different than a #BlackLivesMatter march and protest. The anger, vitriol and arrest suggest a different outcome. The storming and unlawful entering of the Capital Building should be engaged with weapons or an arrest at a minimum. But for this mob, no questions were asked!

But, in these yet to be united states of (a)merikkka:

whiteness is the undeniable flag for accessibility.

Black folks didn’t lose hope yesterday, you just continued to confirmed what we already knew.

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