Mr. David: Blackness in 5 Points

During my junior year at Benedict College, me and my man Joe Black went down to 5 Points with the Dance teacher. I think his name was Mr. David( not sure if that is his name). He was a new instructor, because Mr. David Odom (the legend) had retired, and he was new in town. Joe and I, were a part of the new dance production as extras and went to chill with him in 5 Points.

Now, this was not our scene, but he was the new cat in town and we were just hanging. As we pulled up to the bar, we are rushed by two police officers. Joe and I, knowing the procedure and protocol throw our hands up and started to play the wall. But, the good brother Mr. David told us to put our hands down a told the cops to step. Saying, ” what have we done and who have we bothered.” The cops continued to harass us and Mr. David stood his ground. They finally left when he said,” We have been standing here just like those white people over there, and you have not said a word to them. So, step off and leave us alone.”

When we got in the bar I was bugged out, but not surprised. Because this was normal and we had been through this too many times to count. But, I had never seen a brother stand up to the cops without popping the cop in the mouth. I remember Mr. David saying to Joe Black and I, ” Yo, if they are going to hurt, beat or kill you, then you speaking truth to power will not change that. Stand up for your rights, young brothers.”

That episode changed me, and Blackness, Black Power became a reality. I was 22, and I started speaking up for myself with a fierceness. It was because of the Dance teacher from Benedict College. I think his name was Mr. David.

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