I needed to write…(Day 2)

This is day two of trying to find the words to write again. I am not sure what happen but something made me stop. The past couple of days, I have been wrestling with one reason: fear. I have done all of the work to get to this moment of starting a PhD. program and now they will find out that I don’t belong. Never has that been something I have struggled with or hindered by until it dawned upon me a couple days ago. Now, I feel like I am learning to write all over again.
It is hard to be creative in a space where fear is paramount.

One thought on “I needed to write…(Day 2)

  1. I am oh so familiar with this fear monster that has gotten hold of you. It has controlled much of my life and I have to fight it constantly. Sometimes I become so weary with it. Prayer and surrender to the power and light of God is the only weapon that pushes it away. But, you must keep writing. Writing is a form of prayer! It is your defiance of the monster, and we need to hear of your journey and perceptions. Keep on in the fight! I am praying for God’s strength and peace to fill you.

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