“Black Lives Matter”…just thinking

The thought of black love is something that is symbolically hated. It appears that if you show love and support for black bodies then it is impossible to show love for anything else. Whether we want to believe it or not,   (a)merica appears to have this antithetical plan that implies that to love black and white simultaneously teeters on the edge of insanity. This explains why some have an issue with the concept and movement, “Black Lives Matter.” Yes, it would appear that would be self-explanatory and expected but unfortunately some folks humanity stops there.

“Black Lives Matter” is not a statement of dissent but more along the lines of confrontation. We can even declare it to be an augmentation of lives that have been minimize out of sheer fear. “Black Lives Matter” is not a statement of opposition but declaration. It is black people declaring in the midst of devaluing attitudes that we are just as important as anyone else. It becomes problematic in systems that have propped themselves up on the poles of morality seeking appreciation for behaviors that should be afforded to all. So to bring a rebuttal to “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter” is a metaphorical kick in the ass or spit in the face. It is not theologically correct, religious piety or stark morality it is simply a misguided understanding and concern for black lives. The exploration to control and abuse the black body is not something that is new but has mutated into appropriate liturgical praise –(we must help the those that we are better than so that we can feel good about ourselves.)

When a people group feels like they have lost their collective voice or it has been taken, the consequence that follows should not surprise anyone. You should not feel surprised when black folks are reluctant to see police officers as friends to the community; when a highly sensitized attention is placed upon their well-being in the form of a movement –“Black Lives Matter.”

The problem in the entire presentation is that others have to be reminded that, indeed, “Black Lives Matter.”


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