A Theology in Flux

Does God make mistakes? My grandmother would declare that he doesn’t, and I may agree, but he is surely above my thought level. I like many others who have been bless with carmel skin waited for a verdict that would serve justice for the black people.( In all honesty we knew what the deal was…) We gazed at the television, listened to the radio, peeped out twitter and Facebook, to once again find out that we are BLACK.

It is quite obvious that america has no concern or care for black bodies. The black body represents a trope that refashions atrocities as complaints in what Maya Angelou called “ these yet to be united states of america.” The sufferings of a community of people have been lost in media hype as the church sits idle making attempts to evangelize without addressing justice. The Gospel disconnected from justice is a consumeristic explanation of suffering that minimizes the value of people in pain. Many want the Gospel, but, they want a Gospel that is denuded from justice. They want a God that abides in the Eucharist and dwells in the water of baptism but not a God who stands on the side of the oppressed and marginalized –the Blacks in america.

Maybe the imago dei is represented in the rioting…–Is God not outraged at injustice?

Riots are the voice of the unheard? – Dr. Martin Luther King

still wrestling…

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