What I Mean When I Say I’m Praying For You

Osheta Moore


Last week, I read an article called, “5 Things Christians Should Stop Saying”.   As a millennial, I resonated with each phrase and hoped more good-intentioned evangelicals would think through some of the implications insider language like, “God’s plan” or “first world problems”.  When I began to embrace Anabaptist thought, I slowly removed Christianese pet phrases like, “Too blessed to be stressed” or “God has a plan” from my vocabulary.  My none-but-Jesus hermeneutic just can not reconcile the trite with Truth and while they roll from my tongue with little effort and lots of panache, they don’t sound like Jesus or communicate his love.  This Calvary-like love begins with humility and foot-in-mouth blanket phrases of faith prevent me from walking the road beside hurting people with humility so—the Christian clichés must die!

One phrase suggested in the post that particularly struck me was, “I’ll be praying for you”.   I say…

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