The Prophetic Push of God

I wonder often about the rhyme and reason for life having its ups and downs- Why do decent folks suffer? This thought frames most of my day as I wrestle with the importance of trying to live faithfully for God.  Words appear to have little or no affect upon your life but become bridges to success for others. You become the very antithesis of what you share because the prayer you share for others has little or no benefit for you. A call on your life appears as a burden that hinders you from effectively being responsible.

I find myself in this place…wrestling with mediocrity and bleakness. I am encouraged but yet mildly disappointed. Trying to configure the system of God is a daunting task mainly because it has become a system rather than a relationship. The relation aspect of God gets lost in translation many times because my human-ness cannot comprehend my suffering  while it appears God does nothing –so making God into a system puts the onus upon me to find the error that I have committed. The mystery of grace becomes the anomaly-a kairos moment- instead of the norm that is extended to all in the kingdom of God.

But prayer, meditation, and worship remove the systematic elements and bring me back into relationship. A prophetic push begins to escort me into peace where understanding does not always equate to pure clarity. The peace is in knowing who is escorting you through the suffering.

It is this prophetic push that awakens your strength in the struggle.

This prophetic push…

  •         highlights a call to service through and in your responsibility.
  •         brings encouragement when times get tough
  •         breaks down your tendency to overlook God
  •          place you in a position that requires worship
  •         surrounds you with those who will guide, strengthen, and help you make it through the day
  •          will meet your needs one way or another
  •         will teach you more than you can ever imagine
  •          will ultimately transform you

The struggle is real but God has given us the solution and love is truly attached to it.

….in the struggle but deciding to be great today.

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