Life as a black male has the uncanny ability to punch you in the face. It is unfair and unkind, -torturous to state it plainly –but beautiful to experience. The black experience consists of unseen tears of oppression with a radical disposition expounded through powerful rhetorical episodes. Through intentional racist occurrences we muster up the courage to contend. We stand in the midst of adversity with a stringent diligence to preserver.

The black experience in America is the penultimate fight for justice in a land where democracy has been mislabeled and capitalism deified – where God becomes a subjective term that offers access to what Nathaniel West calls the “paraphernalia of suffering.”  Many have chosen to substitute their moralistic piety for superficial items of pseudo-fame. The black experience reshapes our narrative with a rigidity that is able to withstand contemporary forces that seek to hinder our self worth. No longer do we have to endure for the sake of being beaten but the struggle for equality is still live and present.

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