Theology on Edge: Introduction

Is it not time for theologians to get upset?- James Cone, Black Theology & Black Power

The call to serve represents a selfless act of bravery and a revolutionary spirit. The role of the pastor as theologian is needed and necessary in a broken society. A society, a world of colonized thoughts must be invaded with theological depth that awakens the people to the obvious. No longer can church be the humdrum of the masses that affords churchgoers free networking opportunities and catwalks to display their new fashion sense. It must become a catalyst for change, an impetus for creative ideas that reconnect the community back to God.

Theologians can no longer argue over mundane doctrines that only serve to augment the ego. Theology must be used as a gauge, a tool to break through into new intellectual spaces for communal advancement. Theologians must do the hard work of developing ideas that benefit the believer in objective means rather than subjective arguments.

It is time for theologians to be bothered by the insensitive nature of a country that allows its people to suffer.  Mere homiletical ingenuity without practical engagement is rendering the church useless- great preaching with no action.

How do we construct societal change through an theological lens?- is the question.


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