Refreshing my Fellowship- My Theo-Political Ramblings

As much as we try to fight against it, theology and politics go hand and hand. We can read through the bible where the political scene collides with the theological landscape to present problematic issues for a community. ( see The Great Chasm Between Us: The Politics of Luke 16:19-31 ) The community is thus left to reconcile with itself whether the political powers are in control or is the sovereign God in control- I choose the later.

The comments stemming from the governmental shutdown are troubling yet not surprising. Many have become alarmed by this proclamation that the government has decided to shutdown, jeopardizing the financial lives of many Americans but excluding themselves from the very same plight. I presume it may be a little easier to deal with if government officials had to endure the same pitfalls, as the rest of America, but nonetheless many regular Americans will have to forgo their normal pay.

The complex notion of sharing is something that seems far-fetched for most of our governmental officials. They have managed to turn the American governmental system into their own person sandbox and the person who throws the biggest tantrum wins. Now the sandbox is off limits until they learn how to play fair and in return no ones gets to go in the sandbox.

I have no clue what the end result of the shutdown will mean nor do I have a political side, but I do know that folks were hurting prior and this will not help that process to rectify itself. Yes, folks are discourage and feel let down, but it is a good time to refocus and refresh your attention back to fellowship with God. If you believe God is in complete control, no need to bug out… just relax and watch God do his thing.

Pray and do.


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