Tebow: Enough said…

This dude Tebow, I admit is a great example of what character can bring to professional sports. He is a less than average professional quarterback but he is an above average dude of character. I have been a fan of the dude mainly because of his character. I was was excited for the dude when they beat the Steelers in the playoffs a couple of years ago.  I thought he got a raw deal when he went to the Jets for a whole lot of reasons. Then he gets cut because in all honesty, he is not a very good NFL quarterback.

My issue with the dude is that instead of him being humble and accepting the fact that he should move past being a quarterback, he continues to strive toward such a move. He says his dream was always to be a quarterback in the NFL, well my man you did that and now it is time to move to full back or tight end. Your NFL career will last longer in one of those roles. Your have put in a lot of work but you just do not have the tools to do the job at this point in the quarterback role..

There is another guy from the SEC that played quarterback in college and was pretty good but became a great receiver in the NFL- Hines Ward. You may need to holla at him.

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