Sunday Morning Inspiration for Pastors

I used to hear the old black preachers in my earliest years expatiate loftily and soar to magnificent heights of eloquence on this very notion. They would say in their picturesque way, their great voices now rolling like thunder, now whispering like the sighing of the wind in the trees: “God might have found so many other ways to spread the Gospel of the love of God. He might have written His love on the leaves of the trees and blowing winds would have sent news of deliverance and redemption far and wide. God might have written His love in the skies and in the rising of the sun so that men looking upward could have read the message, ‘God so loved the world.’ He might have made the ocean sing His love and nightingales to chant it. Neither of these, not even angels, could ever preach and say, however, ‘I have been redeemed.’ So this is a Gospel for sinners saved by Grace and only saved sinners can preach.-  Dr. Gardner C. Taylor

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