7800 New Souls…

As I sat downstairs in my office last night, I was burdened with this sense of prayer for the unbelievers. It started as just a simple prayer but kindled to a grieving for the lost. My prayer for the past 2 months was God give me a heart of flesh. (Ezekiel 36:26) I wanted the burning desire for the lost etched on my soul and God has lit that fire.

This morning as I was speaking with one of my brothers, I issued a challenged for us to pray that God would redeem 100 souls by the end of Feb. I continued to issue that challenged to other brothers, sisters and pastors around the country and they accepted the challenged as well. Some have issued the challenge to their local context to stay in prayer for a 100 souls for their church as well.

We know that God can surpass this number with ease if he so chooses but we still bow our heads in prayer for the lost. One thing that stood out to me was the fact that we all came from different denominations: Baptist, reform, Methodists and non-denominational. There was no apologetics ranting just believers wanted to pray for the lost. Yes, we all may have some difference of opinions and interpretation but one consistent theme is that many folks need to hear the gospel.

My hope is that 7800+ new folks come to Christ by the end of the year -that we impact folks through our prayers and engagement with the gospel; that we spend time outside of our churches evangelizing the community and neighborhoods.

Jan.- 100 souls

Feb. – 200 souls

March- 300 souls

April- 400 souls

May- 500 souls

June- 600 souls

July- 700 souls

Aug.- 800 souls

Sept.- 900 souls

Oct.- 1000 souls

Nov. -1100 souls

Dec.- 1200 souls

Grand Total for the year=7800 new souls…

Folks God can do this and we can be in prayer for these folks like never before. .. I don’t know any other way for things to get better other than God make a change. I am asking you to link up with me prayer and let’s believe God for new souls in the Kingdom. Also let’s engage the unbelievers with the gospel as if their life depends on- it because it does.

We started the day with 6…

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