2012:A Defining Year

As 2012 is brought to a close I reflect back on things that shaped my narrative called life. Last year was another tough year economically but we survived with all parts intact. There were some valleys and some hills but we made it through to the end. I went through a job less for the last five months of the year but God and my wife held it down.

I can actually say to myself that I learned and grew a lot during 2012. I made some new friends that have been true brothers as I trekked through the year searching for a purpose. I never really gravitated toward any final decisions early in the year but came to some conclusion in the last few months.

I had people from my past reappear with words of encouragement and challenges that will become the bedrock for 2013. I experienced grief for the first time in my life with the passing of Jessie, Aunt Eunice and culminated with the death of my grandfather. My grandfather was a man that was hardcore but displayed a different type of love that will never be duplicated-he was authentic. I still remember standing at the grave site as my oldest male cousin said, “I never thought he would die, I thought he was immortal.” (we all concurred)As we stood their looking one last time at my grandfather unbeknownst to us we were lined up from oldest to youngest.

I learned more about myself than I care to detail here but it was a painful transformation. I surely have regrets but I am so thankful for God that extends grace. I am the better in spite of my unabated shame but because a great God attended to my life. As the year is over we make the next transition into churchplanting.

2013 welcomes the Volume Church and all that will come and link up with us. I fought for practically 6 months with over 200 applications for pastorate positions around the country, only to find that God had called me to the very place I was already stationed-Columbia.

So as I move forward I hope that I am able to say the greatness of God still attends me and I have grown even more.

Peace 2012

…undeserved so we rock grace hard

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