Monday Morning Perspective

As I read the post from different mothers, I started to see how this tragedy in Connecticut got there attention. Mother after mother continued to share how this morning hit home that it could have easily been their child that was not sitting at the table. It could have been their child that was not dropped off at school today.

As a parent reflecting on this causes me to stand in a position of uncertainty. I don’t have the answers for the act of violence but I know that there are some missing people in a few families around the country. My attention is brought back to my own heart in the midst of this grieving and mourning. How would I respond if I were in their shoes? I don’t know…

But I can say that grace is a massive opportunity that eludes our understanding but so engages our narrative. That is my place of solace that keeps me centered without looking at the drudge of life as being normative. It is grace that relocates my anger and displacement to an unknown address. Without this grace I would be up in arms, at all times trying to make meaning out of the meaningless.

What I have come to understand is that life is…

(still searching)

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