Quick Thought on Patience: The Discipline of Time

My Uncle is known for saying, “Do not come, leaving.” His thought is that if you are coming to a meeting that lasts an hour don’t come with the thought it will be over in 20 minutes. If coming is going to be that much of an inconvenience, just stay at home or whatever. The point is that folks become so impatient when they are in a hurry and lines or clerks are not moving as fast as they think they should. They start huffing and puffing and saying I am in a hurry.

If you have to be at work at 4:00pm but you do not need to stop at the store you can’t stop at 3:50pm then try to rush everyone because of your silliness.You knew you were late when you left home but you wanted to stop because you craved a Pepsi. Then you became disrespectful because of your tardiness.

The moral of this story is discipline your self to be on time and then you can alleviate rudeness from the situation. Discipline has the potential to carve sin in certain spaces of time.

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