The Epic Reality of Knowing Thyself

I have come to the conclusion that it takes about 36 years for the average person to get to know how they tick. Honestly, we know before that but it takes sometime to come to grips with who we really are in the big scheme of things. The thought that we are less than the fictional persona that we have made ourselves out to be is a humbling turn of events.

It is extremely interesting that life has a way of chiseling off the outer nonsense in order to the beauty that lies dormant in out soul. It is through the hard times that we begin to see the evolution of the real self. So many times we play games we others to hide the very essence of who we really are in this world. We have grown so accustom to trying to fit in that we have alienated ourselves from ourselves. We have lived such dualist lives in order to find the criteria that our realness has become foreign.

It was the great pianist, Theolonius Monk who said that a “genius is one who learns how to be themselves.” It is in the act of authenticity that we find calling. It is during that time that we begin to see how the shaping of out narrative is connected with mission statement of our life. We must have a revolutionary intent to be real with ourselves.

Just my thoughts

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