Finish Strong…

As I watched the FedEx Cup race, I could not help but think to myself, “Golf is cruel sport.” Here you have Tiger Woods and Rory McElroy leading the race only to lose in the final in the final tournament. They had consistently out played others for most of the tournaments but inconsistency in the last tournament of the FedEx Cup race lead to their demise.

There is a lesson to be learned from this fiasco. How many times have we started something with vigor only to lose the fire midway through the process? Life has a profound way of developing endurance in your soul. It will force you to either abandon your dreams or make them concrete- the end-between is non-existent. You must always remember to finish strong in every endeavor that you put your hands too.

I conclude that it is vain to start something strong only to see your efforts diminished to nothing because you did not end well. I can remember while working on my masters, how I almost quit school. I was tired of working hard and trying to produce papers and reading books. I was staying up late at nights and could not see the big pictures. I got a call from my cousin and I remember him saying, “You have come too far to quit, so finish strong.” Though Tiger and Rory played well for the past two months their efforts were surpassed by Snedeker who finished strong on Sunday.

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