The Collective Unconscious: 91 Shots or a Hurricane

(reflections from 7 years ago)

The collective unconscious of society sometimes leaves me in a state of bewilderment. As I go through my day, I do my best to display myself as a viable part of this society that we refer to as America. I obey the laws of the land and help in preserving what mere part of unity that we have left to preserve. The major difference that I have from that of the collective unconscious is that I look through the eyes of a young black male.

I see the world through the eyes of one who has been afforded the opportunity to connect with the collective unconscious but prefers to mingle and challenge the other side of the spectrum, the dispersed epigones(may creative term for young black males or the disenfranchised). Understand the dispersed epigones are products of their environments that are largely influenced by the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious always makes decisions that will benefit themselves but still has an adverse effect on the dispersed epigone. They profess to have a love and concern for the dispersed epigone but when it comes time to ante up there true colors come out.

The collective unconscious would have you to believe that the majority of young black males are criminal minded, baggy pants wearing only good for jail, non-citizens who live in America. So the interaction that they have with the young black males becomes extension of this dysfunctional relationship. Their perspective becomes myopic and clings to the halo effect which makes judgments on all because of the perception of one.

What does this all mean? It means that Harold Cruse was right when he wrote in 1967, The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual, that whoever controls mass media controls America. In the big scheme of things, Obama’s 20 or more years of relationship with Dr. Wright has ended because of media hype and miscues. The jaded nightly news has softly been killing the young blacks males by painting targets on our backs for police to shoot by their one sided presentation of the news. I remember reading one time where Dr. Bill Cosby once said, “That if a Martian came to America and looked at the news without any other source of information he would try to kill the black men.”

You can hate Dr. Wright or love him but show me in his speeches where what he was saying was so wrong. It was harsh and sometimes unfair but where was it wrong. For those who differ with him read or listen to the whole speech. There is a major difference between context and sound bite. The collective unconscious has been behind the scenes controlling the entire process and the dispersed epigone reaps the benefit of their selfishness.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Christ died on the cross and became the atonement, I would right now be in the process of getting my weaponry up for city wide chaos. My peace and protection stems on his love and assurance. But for those that do not have that assurance they have to asked themselves do you want 91 shots(shots fired  at Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell on two separate accusation by police when they had no guns) or to be caught in a Hurricane in a major city(people of Louisiana). The choice is yours but understand this one thing; the collective unconscious are doing their best to find a way to impoverish, mis-educate, steal your land, kill or enslave you.

Rest in Peace to Diallo, Bell and those who perished in New Orleans

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