Books are shaping my narrative…

Five books that reshaped my narrative:
1. Fire Next Time- James Baldwin
2. Jesus and the Disinherited- Howard Thurman
3. Mis-education of the Negro- Carter G. Woodson
4. Pedagogy of the Oppressed- Paulo Freire

5.Sovereignty of God- A.W. Pink (i have my issues with the dude nonetheless)

5 books that have my interest at this moment:
1. Rap and ReligionEbony Utley
2. James Baldwin’s God- Clarence Hardy
3. We Have Been Believers- James Evans
4. Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization- Tony Browder
5. Universe Bends Towards Justice- Obery Hendricks

5 Books that are perspective changers so engage with the understanding of getting rocked:

1. The Cross of Redemption-James Baldwin
2.The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in AmericaEdward J. Blum and Paul Harvey
3. Black Reconstruction of America- W.E.B. Dubios
4. Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males -Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti
5. Civilization or Barbarism- Cheik Ante Diop

10 books on my shelf that are next to be read           

1. That’s the Joint- Mark Anthony Neal
2. I Mix What I like- Jared Ball
3. Race a Theological Account- J. Kameron Carter
4. Saeculum- R.A. Markus
5. Jack Johnson, Rebel Sojourner: Boxing in the Shadow of the Global Color Line- Theresa Runstedtler
6. Blueprint for Black Power- Amos Wilson
7. After Artest- David J. Leonard
8. Everything written by Du bios
9. God of the Oppressed- James Cone
10. Hip Hop Wars and Black Noise- Tricia Rose

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